Sunday, 10 June 2012

OMBRE Makeup..this summer season

This summer season the latest trend is for OMBER EYES and LIPS...this can be done in any color as you like.

The lips can be done in 2 ways...
1) Like the pic below where you start with the darkest shade in the upper lip and shading it to the lightest in the lower lip. Make sure that you use the colors from the same shade family.

2) The second one is where the outer rim of your upper and lower lip is lightest and move to the center the shade becomes the darkest. You can check it as in the pic below..
Pink Lip Ombré Makeup Tutorial

For the eyes, use 3 shades of the same color ranging from light medium to dark in the same color family.... you can use any shade...though i think this season blues and violets rule the eye..

SO HAPPY OMBERing........ stay happy and healthy...xoxoxo Supriti

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