Saturday, 8 October 2011

Face Contouring Makeup Tips

How to contour your face with makeup

You can give your face a mini makeover without resorting to plastic surgery. With the right contouring makeup tricks, create the illusion of a slender nose, sleeker jawline and all-over slimmer face. Here's how...

How to contour your nose to make it look slimmer

To contour a wide nose to slimming effect, apply the darkest color to the outside of the bridge and keep the center lighter. You can use makeup to achieve a slimmer-looking nose by using two shades of foundation or one bronzer—simply sweep bronzer along the sides of the nose, leaving the front of the bridge bare.

How to contour your jawline to recede a double chin

To diminish a double chin, use this contouring makeup trick: sweep bronzer under your jawline to make the area appear to recede. As a general rule, light makeup colors highlight an area, calling attention to it and making it appear more prominent (good for brow bones and cheekbones). Dark shadows create the illusion of a shadow and make areas of the face appear to recede (good for droopy lids and puffy undereyes).

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