Friday, 7 October 2011

Prep & Prime

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    Its most important to Cleanse. Wash your face, with a formula designed for your skin type if possible. Examples include oil-free for skin that is oily or moisturizing for skin that is dry or more mature. If you are still wearing eye makeup from a previous application, be sure to remove it with an oil-free eye makeup remover solution prior to washing your face with cleanser so oil will not interfere with your new eye makeup.
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    Next Exfoliate. Use a product designated as a "scrub" to remove dead skin cells and flaky skin. Wet your face, rub the product all over your face and neck and rinse off. Thorough rinsing is an absolute must, so you may want to do this while you are showering.
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    Apply eye cream and sunscreen if necessary. The experts will tell you to apply sunscreen daily, and it has been shown to prevent skin cancer and premature aging, so it is extremely important. However, the truth is that even oil-free sunscreens can prevent your makeup from being as long-lasting as it might have been, and they often make skin look shiny or give it a white cast. If your skin is oily, you might want to skip the sunscreen and instead find an oil-free foundation that has sunscreen included, usually marked "SPF 15." If your skin is not oily, apply an oil-free sunscreen. And whether you are applying suscreen at this stage or not, you will still need to apply a moisturizing eye cream at this stage. This will help your undereye concealer go on smooth.
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    Apply foundation primer. Foundation primers used to be a high-end makeup product that could be difficult to locate and expensive. A lot of cosmetic companies like MAC, Kryolan are now offering primers that feel good on your skin, create a smooth surface, and prolong the life or your makeup application. Certain primers also claim to smooth fine lines. Apply a dime-sized amount of primer to the back of your hand and then apply to the face with your fingers. Start with your nose and the skin around your nose because this area tends to have the most pores and possibly some oversized pores that need to be filled in. Then work on your chin and forehead, and then your cheeks. Do not forget to apply a little to your neck.
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    Apply eyelid and lip primer if desired. Many brands are now starting to offer eyelid and lip primers, though they are not as easy to find as foundation primers. Some of the most popular are made by MAC Cosmetics. They can be found online or in major department stores. If you spend a lot of time on eye or lip makeup and you need this makeup to last into the evening or through the night, these products are worth the expense. Eyelid primer can conceal redness or blue tones around the eye and prevent eye makeup from creasing. Lip primers prevent lipstick, gloss, or pencil from "bleeding," or migrating away from the lip.

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